Our Mission

SHIELD focuses on the intersectional nature of identity; crucially, this includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, and global identity. Our vision is as follows:

Make the Hertie School a leader amongst German and European universities in addressing issues related to race / ethnicity / global origin and its intersections and pushing for equitable and inclusive policy changes.

Under this goal, SHIELD will: 

  • Provide a platform and community for marginalised ethnic groups on campus that is intersectional; 
  • Foster discussion and educate Hertie community members about issues faced by marginalised groups to empower future policymakers;
  • Build an awareness of how policy intersects with marginalised groups and why it must be considered as a vital part of policymaking;
  • Decolonise the school campus, curriculum and learning environment
  • Push for transparency and accountability from the university in tackling these issues including regular progress reports

SHIELD's Bylaws

SHIELD has documented its organizational structure and mode of coordination in its bylaws to ensure that future board members will continue to uphold our values and work towards our mission for the club.

In the event a part of the bylaws needs to change, it must be done by formal procedures

Roles and Responsibilities

The following roles make a complete EBOARD. Members are expected to fill their role for at least one academic year in good standing. In the case anyone wishes to leave the EBOARD, they are responsible for assisting in suggesting at least 3 replacements and/or helping to coordinate the Call for Applications (CfA).

Senior Chair 1
Senior Chair 2