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Is your thesis related to diversity and inclusion?

If your upcoming thesis is related to issues of diversity and inclusion, you could have it hosted here on SHIELD’s website. We accept a wide range of topics and methods. Give your thesis a boost and host it with us! All credits reserved to the authors.


SHIELD is a student-led advocacy group based at the Hertie School in Berlin.

SHIELD focuses on the intersectional nature of identity; crucially, this includes, but is not limited to, race, ethnicity, and global identity.

In addition to serving as a center for students of color to gather and find community, SHIELD aims to educate the Hertie community on the importance of designing policy with marginalised groups in mind.

What we do

SHIELD advocates for diversity, equity and inclusion academia, deliver recommendations how policy can be designed to serve them and host events that highlight various marginalised groups.


In our work, we promote and research policy solutions to issues of diversity, inclusion, and discrimination.


Leveraging student knowledge in policy and international affairs, we take a look at how to make The Hertie School a leader in Diversity & Inclusion.


To promote the issues and raise awareness of progressive solutions, we host events with expert speakers.

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Executive Board Fall 2021-Spring 2022

Get to know our amazing Club Leaders

Eduardo Campbell

Senior Chair


Lena Wagner

Senior Chair

Alexandra Saba

Alexandra Saba

Research Chair


Carol Cavallari

Research Chair

Joyce Chan

Junior Chair

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Anna Chadwell

Junior Chair

Zhihao Zhong

Zhihao Zhong

Communications Chair


Aishwarya Tripathi

Communications Chair

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Amara Phillips

Events Chair


Luana Smeets

Events Chair